Towing on ice: Tow truck drivers brave the ice to help stuck cars

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Sleet and freezing rain quickly turned area roads into skating rinks. These left drivers slipping and sliding.

Towing companies, like Champion’s, have had a busy 36 hours since sleet and freezing rain started falling.

Champion’s Towing & Recovery Tow Driver Jurney Mckibben said pulling vehicles out of a ditch is not as simple as you may think. There are steps they have to follow before winching a vehicle.

“Assess the situation, and see how much damage is done to the vehicle because we don’t want to do any further damage. And we talk with the customer and let them know what we are about to do, and if they are good with it, we proceed with it,” said Mckibben.

Mckibben said there are things to do before your trip starts that could save your life, including having blankets in the car.

“Make sure you have plenty of gas, because the last thing we want is someone to freeze to death,” said Mckibben.

If you do hit a patch of ice…

“Don’t hit your brakes,” said Mckibben.

If you happen to start sliding, just kind of let the wheel guide itself, and steer yourself away from danger.

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