TRIAD provides crime fighting tips for senior citizens

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) – Senior citizens in one county got an early start on their Thanksgiving celebration.

An annual lunch organized by the Lee County Sheriff’s Department was a way to show appreciation to the elderly and also provide them with information on services and crime-fighting tips.

As law officers served lunch, more than 300 senior citizens enjoyed singing, and a dancing demonstration.

This was the seventh annual TRIAD Senior Citizen Festival for Lee County. TRIADs are partnerships of three organizations — law enforcement, older adults and community groups.

Sheriff Jim Johnson said the lunch honored those who have given so much through the years.

“You have to look at, where our county is today, a lot of that is because people in this room, I know my career has been impacted by many people here,” said Sheriff Johnson.

TRIAD was much more than an annual luncheon. Throughout the year, Sheriff Johnson has kept seniors informed of crime stats and also scams targeting the elderly.

“The biggest one is whenever they receive a phone call, someone makes out like they’re the IRS or some official and will do something to you if you don’t pay a certain amount of money, it’s a scare tactic, goes on constantly,” said Sheriff Johnson.

It wasn’t hard to find seniors who said they regularly receive calls from scam artists.

“I just answer the call, hear the first part, I don’t say hello or nothing, I just click it off. I known my background, what I owe, and don’t owe and I know sheriff ain’t going to come pick me up, or the IRS,” said James Sparks, of Lee County.

“They call and say, your credit is being checked we need to know credit card number, and we don’t give it out,” said Cathy Leslie, of Lee County.

Sheriff Johnson saID that is the best advice, never give out any personal information to anyone over the phone, especially at this time of year, when scams increase.

TRIAD is a federally funded program. No local tax dollars are used for any activities. TRIAD is active in many Northeast Mississippi counties.

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