Video: Trump Jr. Lands In Neshoba County

PHILADELPHIA, Miss. (WCBI) — As Hillary Clinton secured the Democratic nomination for president, Donald Trump continues to campaign after he was given the nod in last week’s Republican National Convention.

“The Donald”‘s oldest son, Donald Trump, Jr., made his way to the Neshoba County Fair Tuesday afternoon.

“I’d ask who you all are voting for but it seems pretty apparent…”, the eldest of the Trump kin said to the roar of an enormous crowd at the horse track grandstand.

Trump, Jr., spent the day mingling with state leaders, such as Governor Phil Bryant, and with supporters.

In his speech, Trump, Jr. laid out many of the issues he believes his father will accomplish if elected president.

“For those of you who don’t know, [this election] is not about the next four or eight years, it’s about the Supreme Court”, said Trump, Jr., “It’s about the Constitution and conserving the basic liberties of this country.”

Trump, Jr. said the country “can’t let” Hillary Clinton elected three, possibly four Supreme Court justices if elected.

The oldest Trump sibling also talked about his upbringing, and while Donald said the recognized their situation, his father wouldn’t let go easily.

“He had us at a very young age, on job sites, on construction sites, and those are the people he wanted me, my brother, and my sister learning from…”, said Trump, Jr., “Not [people with] Ph.Ds, or MBAs, but people who had doctorates in common sense.”

During his campaigning speech, Trump, Jr. also commented on the email scandal that has rocked the Democratic National Committee and the National Convention saying, “when you read those emails, imagine if a Republican had sent those emails. Imagine if Reince Priebus had sent those emails.

“They’d be pulling out the electric chair for him. For [the Democrats] it’s ok, because it’s a double standard.”

While the Trump campaign touched down at the Neshoba County Fair, residents and supporters were appreciative of the campaign for taking the time to visit small-town Philadelphia.

“I was thinking about it…it’s going to be hard to get an actual presidential candidate here to the fair, especially [Donald] Trump with the crowds that he brings…”, said supporter Vance Cox, “…to be able to have his family to come that’s a big thing for the fair.”

“When I was a kid, Ronald Reagan came here, so it’s always good to have someone like that, a national figure, that comes through and recognizes that this is a good enough place to stop by”, said Flint Minshew.

“This probably isn’t the biggest money you could make coming here, and spending your day here, but getting to know Mississippians and finding out what we’re all about…it’s the hottest place on Earth and there’s a different political opinion at every turn and I think it’s great he took the time out for us”, said supporter Sandy Ray.

Trump Jr. also applauded the fair for it’s “tradition” and also thanked the crowd for its hospitality.

Donald Trump’s campaign schedule says the Republican nominee’s next spot will be Doral, Florida.


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