Tupelo community comes together in remembrance

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI)- A Tupelo boy who died unexpectedly last year would have turned five years old this month.

This weekend the community got together to honor his memory.

The Runners gathered at Tupelo’s Ballard Park for the 2nd Annual Hero Up 5K and Fun Run. The event was to raise money in honor of Judah Powell who passed away on January 26th of 2018 while playing in the front yard with his sisters.

Christy Stone is a family friend and was the event organizer.

“It was an absolutely horrible breathtaking event and it wasn’t just the day or the days after or the weeks or the months after Judah passed away. It’s something that is going to be lifelong struggle that a lifelong issue you know they miss their son obviously so we just wanted to do something to love on them and to honor his memory,” said Stone.

Judah’s dad Matt Powell said the grief comes in waves.

“We still don’t know exactly what happened and our heart goes out to everyone whose been through a loss whether it’s been from a disease or illness or an accident whether it be a children or adult loss is hard and you just deal with it as it comes in waves. Some days are better than others and then some days are just like he passed away,” said Powell.

Judah’s mom Andrea said this weekend’s event was very special.

“Judah, his birthday is July the 10th and we would have been five this year. And so not being able to get together a birthday party for him this event is our celebration of his birthday each year. So this is very special for us to have so many people just to remember him. As a parent whos lost a child I think one of your worst fears is that your child will be forgotten. And to have the kind of turnout that we’ve had today to celebrate him and just his memory really touches our hearts,” said Andrea Powell.

Donna Pritchard is Vice President of nursing at North Mississippi Medical Center.

“When you have congenital problems like Judah had with his heart as his family has shared with us, it’s just sometimes those things cannot be prevented know how hard you try or how much training that you have. We work and we work and we work and we tray to do everything there is within our power from medicine to try to bring that child back or an adult back for that matter, but there’s just some things that we can’t prevent,” said Pritchard.

Jessica Pickens was an Emergency Room nurse on duty when Judah was brought by ambulance to the hospital.

“You know Judah was very young. But the team that I worked with, friends that I’ve made in the emergency room. Those people help you get through those things. We go through everything together. And just having a good support system and awesome team work and just knowing that other people are there supporting you as the health care worker through it as well as the family,” said Pickens.

All the money raised at this weekend’s event goes to the Judah Superkids fund which helps kids who come into the ER.

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