Video: Tupelo Haunted Theatre Guaranteed To Fright

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TUPELO, MISS. (WCBI) –   It’s less than an hour before opening night and as an eager crowd waits outside, performers in the Haunted Theatre are in character.

“This is where I’ve hidden my treasures and tonight everybody gets to see them,” said Abby Hunt, who plays the role of “mass slayer.”

They were also  making last minute preparations.

Virtually every inch of the Lyric is put to use for the attraction.

“We have 13 rooms, that are each one individually decorated and have their own separate scare and we have about 30 jump outs and some interesting things that happen that we can’t really talk about,” said Director Steve Miller.

It takes about 50 volunteers each night to stage the Haunted Theatre. A tour guide leads visitors through each room.

Along the way, spectators experience what could be the most memorable attraction, the 1936 Tupelo tornado.

Nearly everyone has the same reaction as they leave the theatre.

“That was terrifying, I’m still, my heart’s just pumping,” said Harrison Hurst.

“The scariest part was the baby room, the dead baby. That was surreal, I felt like I was in Hades,” said Sherry Miller.

Visitors say the thrill they get from the frightful tour is well worth the price of admission.

“It gives you like anxiety and it gives you a rush and it’s all excitement at the same time,” exclaimed Lilly Wallis.

“Y’all need to come because it’s so much fun and it will make your night,” Sherry Miller added.

The Haunted Theatre funs october 18-20 and the 25th – 27th.  It begins at 7 each evening and tickets are $10 per person.  For more information call 662 844 1935.

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