Tupelo Lee Humane Society tells people to spay, neuter pets

The shelter is at capacity and responsible pet ownership can help with overcrowding

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) – On most days, all cages and kennels at the Tupelo Lee Humane Society are full.

The shelter’s medical director said that is a major problem with a simple solution.

“We cannot remain a no kill shelter where we are not euthanizing animals for space, without the community’s involvement, and the way the community gets involved is to spay and neuter their own animals,” said Dr. Aimee Daniel.

The humane society performs the procedure for the public. Daniel agreed to let us videotape the process with our female cat, Peanut.

After Peanut was weighed, she was given a shot to calm her down, followed by anesthesia.

The actual procedure took about six minutes, as Daniel performed an ovariohysterectomy. Peanut’s ovaries and uterus were removed. She was then stitched back up, and placed in a bed where she would wake up.

“Peanut did awesome. She went down so smoothly. When we gave her anesthesia, some panic, she didn’t and she woke up calm, she did awesome,” Daniel said.

Dena Stanford is director of the Tupelo Lee Humane Society. She said a responsible pet owner will get their dog or cat spayed or neutered.

“This weekend we took in 12 puppies in a box. Had that mama been fixed, there wouldn’t be unwanted babies,” Stanford said.

Stanford also encouraged people to consider fostering cats or dogs, until a permanent home is found for the furry friend.

There are also grants available for Lee County residents. To get more information, call the Tupelo Lee Humane Society at (662)205-4221.

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