Tupelo Mayor Says Governor’s Shelter In Place Order Will Be Enforced

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI)- Tupelo’s mayor says the city will enforce the shelter in place order from Governor Reeves.

In recent weeks, Mayor Shelton has criticized Governor Reeves for not issuing a statewide mandate, but now the mayor says he is thankful the governor has made the tough decision.

The mayor warns that anyone caught violating the shelter in place order will face consequences. Mayor Shelton says an executive order gives police the power to enforce the governor’s order.

“The police are going to enforce it the best they can, there are some ambiguities in the governor’s order but that’s something we will work through, we will continue to operate if necessary to go beyond that in the city of Tupelo. I appreciate the governor’s leeway for municipalities to do that I think it was a good action by the governor and we will do our best to save lives here in the city of Tupelo,” Mayor Shelton said.

Mayor Shelton says penalties for those disregarding the shelter in place order could include fines and jail time.

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