Tupelo Police Chief Retires After 36 Year Career In Law Enforcement

TUPELO, MISS. (WCBI) – Tupelo’s chief of police is retiring after a long career in law enforcement. The chief was a guest of honor during a reception at the Tupelo Police Department.

Chief Aguirre began his career with TPD as a patrolman, working his way up through the ranks, becoming chief of detectives and then police chief in 2013 when he was appointed to that position by Mayor Jason Shelton.

“I’m very proud of his leadership and the department and honored to be able to work with him these past eight years,” said Mayor Shelton.

Aguirre says he’s seen a lot of changes during his time in law enforcement.

“We have a lot more restrictions, the way we train our officers, some dos and don’ts that we’re allowed to do and not do,” Chief Aguirre said.

The chief says a highlight of his career was helping to solve a multi-state cigarette smuggling operation. The current police department was built in part with funds seized from that case.

“This thing is built to withstand fifty-plus years, we’re looking to be here for the next fifty-plus years, hopefully, there will be a lot of men and women to come out these doors here,” Aguirre said.

Chief Aguirre says his only regrets are not being able to two missing person cases. The case of Leigh Occhi and Jennifer Jackson Floyd. However, Aguirre says the cases are still open and he is hopeful they will eventually be solved. In Tupelo, Allie Martin, WCBI news

Incoming Mayor Todd Jordan will choose a new police chief. There are at least four candidates for the job.

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