Tupelo Salvation Army Opens Day Resource Room For Homeless

TUPELO, MISS. (WCBI) – The area’s only homeless shelter has re-opened its Community Center for in-person dining and has also started a new resource for homeless people who are looking for work.

After nearly six hundred days serving to-go meals, the Tupelo Salvation Army is allowing people to eat lunch and dinner inside its Community Center on Carnation Street.

There is also a “Day Resource Center’ which will be used by people who are looking for work, but who need computer access to fill out applications,  email, and other things related to a job search.

There is also an office space where outside agencies come in to help clients with a variety of services.

“So really the goal of this hub is to not only get people re-engaged both with the employment market, but back with their own care plan, but it’s also to reduce days of homelessness.  We know if we reduce the number of days of homelessness, someone experiences at the beginning, it gives them longer and greater outcomes on the other side of things.  Having those partner agencies come in the house and not have to send people out for appointments, makes the process much more streamlined,” said Capt. Rob Dolby, of the Tupelo Salvation Army.

Captain Dolby says the Tupelo Salvation Army is gearing up for its annual Thanksgiving feeding, and also for the “Angel Tree’ program, which allows community members to provide Christmas gifts for kids in needy families.


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