A Tupelo Women Surrounded By Community Love After Major Procedure

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) – A Tupelo woman who underwent a double lung transplant is grateful for all the support she has received from the community.

Jeniquez Beene Long came back to home to Tupelo this weekend from her ongoing rehabilitation process at the University of Alabama Birmingham Medical Center.

She had her double lung transplant on July 4th. A special celebration and fundraising event was held for her at the Temple of Compassion and Deliverance Church.

Her sister Trenessa Beene Pearson says Long has been through a lot.

“She was diagnosed with a lung disease at the age of thirteen called Sarcadosis. And so she was pretty much good from thirteen to thirty eight. Then, another lung disease came about called Polymitosis Scardoma, and so she had to have a double lung transplant and that’s basically it,” said Pearson.

“It’s been a strain on, you know the family and I, but we all being Christian people we put our trust in God and so far he blessed us to go through this, but he’s given us strength to move on through it but thank God she’s doing a lot better,” said Father J.C. Beene.

Long says it was a tough road for her.

“I suffered from shortness of breath wheezing, coughing. I went from being able to do normal daily activity to still holding down a job but being limited in what I can do. In 2017, I was a told the only way to survive was a double lung transplant,” said Long.

Long says on May 30th, she was listed on the transplant list at UAB hospital, and they informed her on July 2nd that lungs were available and she had the surgery on Independence Day. Long says she is overwhelmed with the support.

“The support in Tupelo, my hometown, my job, my family, my church family, it has been very very overwhelming to say the least. I have two small kids and one grown son, and I have not had to do anything as school goes school supplies. My family stepped in. They have helped made sure that I have not gone without not one day,” said Long.

Family and friends are confident that Long will be home permanently soon.

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