Twice-diverted United Airlines plane skids off runway

United Airlines jetliner sits 100-150 feet off runway after skidding when it landed in Green Bay early on February 23, 2018, in image provided by passenger Tom DeSimio

Tom DeSimio

A United Airlines Flight bound from Houston to Minneapolis made two unscheduled landings and ran off the runway after the second early Friday, the carrier says. United says Flight 878 was first sent to Madison, Wisconsin due to severe weather in Minneapolis.

The plane took off from Madison but severe weather prompted another diversion, this time to Green Bay, where it skidded off the runway, United says, adding that no one was hurt. United was putting passengers up in a hotel.

Passenger Tom DeSimio tells CBS News there were roughly 160 passengers on board.

When the plane landed, the pilot hit the brakes in full reverse, and it got really bumpy. That, says DeSimio, is when he realized something had gone awry.

The plane stopped 100-150 feet off the runway, he says.

DeSimio told CBS News it took 45 minutes to deplane in Green Bay.

The captain did a good job of communicating with people as they got off and was very apologetic, DeSimio adds.

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