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On Tuesday the office of mayor for ten West Alabama towns was up for grabs.

Some of the political contests were slugfests depending on the town and their political picture.

There were winners and losers.

After a Tuesday vote, the West Alabama towns of Hamilton and Carrollton will allow the sale of alcohol within city limits.

Two Carrollton mayoral candidates will face each other again in a runoff.

For now, they are taking a wait and see approach to alcohol sales.

“Well tax wise it should help, but we’ll see,”said Marty Kilpatrick, Mayoral Candidate.

“Yes and no. Its an unknown at this point,” said Joe Lancaster, Mayoral Candidate.

The legalization of alcohol sales squeaked through by just 3 votes.

Nearby towns like Reform and Gordo, are still dry, for now.

Either Lancaster, a former police chief, or Kilpatrick, a businessman, will have the job of overseeing what has just become city policy.

“And the people spoke and the regulation of it is, be determined by the council in the future,” said Lancaster.

“If I’m elected mayor I have to be the mayor and regulate the alcohol activity there, or sales and activity,” said Kilpatrick.

Owners of C-F-M Groceries at the corner of Tuscaloosa and Church say they are planning to stock their shelves in light of Tuesday’s vote.

Alcohol sales and other citywide decisions will be left up to one of the men and the city council.

“You have to manage the budget what little we have coming in real closely to keep these services going for the citizens,” said Lancaster.

“I’m somewhat younger and have new ideas and I want to get out and try to bring this to the community and town,” said Kilpatrick.

Carrollton mayoral runoff election is set for October 9th.

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