Two bikers set their wheels to travel across the country

Some people like to travel in style; while others just want the make their trips worthwhile

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- Some people like to travel in style; while others just want the make their trips worthwhile.

Tasman Alexander and Tyler Brown took their love for biking to another level. The guys started their journey at San Francisco in September of 2020 with plans on making it to Charleston South Carolina by the end of November 2021 and enjoying all the places in between.

“Since high school, we’ve loved bikes he recently finished a hiking trip going north and south across the United States and I thought there was no better time to go east and west than start in the fall when things are cooling down from the summer so besides that we just love riding bikes and wanted to see new places we’d never seen before,” said Brown.

The duo made their way into Columbus on Friday, November 5, 2021,  before hitting the road on Sunday, November 7, 2021. They’ve seen quite a bit on the road. From the freezing cold on one end to dry deserts on the other. They said some days are tougher than others.

“We’ll go you know a couple of weeks without taking a day off and I don’t know maybe 60 or 80 miles a day and then we’re pretty sore and tired after that the knees kind of start to hurt,” said Alexander.

Both of the guys have had to replace each of their tires for their bikes once since they took off in 2020.  Each day they do take breaks and sometimes they take days off. When things get tough; they say one thing that keeps them going is pointing out things that are funny and laughing about it down the road.

Mapping out their course took a couple of months, but they never let their schedules become a routine.

“We kind of plan as we go so we don’t really have too many days planned out like there are certain places we need to be by certain days but beyond that, we can kind of do whatever we want in a day which makes it really nice,” said Brown.

The guys have to touchdown in South Carolina by November 18, 2021; but they still have more fun in store.

“We’ve got flights planned out of Charleston South Carolina for the 18th of November and 22nd of November so we have about 10 days to get to the east coast which should be plenty of time we have a few more friends to see along the way,” said Alexander

Alexander and Brown are thankful for the friends they’ve met throughout their journey and if anyone wants to follow their ride from beginning to end click here.

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