Two lucky women in Alabama win golden egg hunt in Carrollton

Carrollton's Gold Egg Search brought crowds to the city square for a week-long scavenger hunt.

CARROLLTON,Ala. (WCBI)- Two lucky women in Alabama are starting their weekend $700  richer.

Carrollton’s Gold Egg Search brought crowds to the city square for a week-long scavenger hunt.

Some have their heads up to the sky and others are combing through grass in search for a treasure.

” They say it’s simple, but I’ve been out here a couple of hours and haven’t found anything,” said Sabrina Booth.

Booth and hundreds of folks joined in the community Gold Egg Hunt in Carrollton.

Mayor Mickey Walker partnered with area businesses and put together a $700 prize, gift cards, and a goodie basket.

But, to find this jackpot, you needed to be as clever as Sherlock Holmes.

” They said two people have their hands on it and that’s very frustrating because it makes me think that it’s right in front of me,” said Booth.

Daily clues were posted to the Town of Carrollton’s Community page on Facebook.

Messages could be interpreted differently and the spelling of certain words referred to historic figures in town.

“If God blesses me with this egg, I’m going to give me 10% in church and try to help someone who’s in need and really needs something. I’ll try to divide it up,” said Wilo Dean Dixon Taylor.

” Y’all better come find this egg. If someone finds this egg can I please borrow one hundred dollars,” said Keldrick Rainer.

” I think it’s a little further out, I don’t really think it’s around the courthouse,” said Ashely Hubble.

” It’s been five days so I just kind of want to know where it is,” said Carly Gibson.

Vicky Britt and Brandi Junkin solved the mystery. The egg was taped on the Welcome to Carrollton Sign.

Even though the duo found the egg, the whole community is a winner.

“It’s a real good thing cause normally you don’t see that many people out like that for real but now you got people talking to people they wouldn’t normally talk to so it’s a real good thing,” said Hubble.

” There’s not much that you can actually get out and do so stuff like this is actually pretty fun to come out and do,” said Gibson.

An experience that’s priceless.

There is more fun on the way.

Carrollton will host a Bunny Hop April 16th at 9 a.m. on the Courthouse Square.

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