Two men are wanted for eating without paying their tabs

GOLDEN TRIANGLE, Miss. (WCBI)- Two young men are wanted by local law enforcement for felony defrauding – innkeeper.  This means they have been going into restaurants eating and leaving without paying. Laquincy Washington, 19,  and James Smith, 21,  of West Point both have warrants for their arrest.

The two have gone to several restaurants throughout the Golden Triangle and run up tabs ranging from $60 to $300 worth of food and drinks. The two are also facing statutory rape and burglary charges. Local restaurant owners and law enforcement are upset the instance has gone on this long and are eager to make an arrest.

“These guys have been arrested prior back in February for the exact same thing and every time something comes up we contact the restaurant that it happens to and let them know about it but it’s most important that they need to contact the police department. We’re paying higher for products it’s hard to get servers into work these days it’s hard to get employees. We’re struggling as it is and for people to come in and do this to us it’s not right,” said Zachary’s owner Doug Pellum.

“I wouldn’t say that they are armed and dangerous but these days and time you don’t put anything past anybody so still be careful,” said West Point Police Department investigator Raven Ross.

There is an award for anyone that leads law enforcement to an arrest.

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