Two Noxubee County churches were broken into last week

Churches are usually considered safe place, but over the weekend that safety was shattered

NOXUBEE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)- Churches are usually considered safe place, but over the weekend that safety was shattered.

Two local churches in Noxubee County were burglarized. Now deputies are searching for answers and pastors are searching for peace.

“It does but this is but this is the first time we actually had people breaking in churches so this is a new one for us. Once a person goes in a church I think they’ll do anything so just advice everyone to be more vigilant,” said sheriff Tommy Roby.

Many churches ceased services during the pandemic so the buildings were empty for weeks at a time. Roby encourages pastors and church leaders to check in on their churches or even get surveillance systems installed.

“Check the church more often.. If you can; get some kind of alarm system or camera system when it comes to cameras you can get them because they record all sites like to the cloud or to someone’s phone just in case someone takes the equipment we’ll still have the video to go by,” said Roby.

Neither pastor was available for an on camera interview, but gave a statement to WCBI.

Pastor Jack Vaughn at Mt. Carmel Church said

“Unfortunately these are the times that we’re living in.. It’s important that we as Christians continue to pray and have faith in the Lord.  Also all churches should take practical steps to address their security needs to prevent theft and to assist authorities in apprehending suspects,” said Vaughn.

Pastor Lee Roy Shelton of Greenfield Church added.

“As a long standing church in the community we have never had any break in or thieves so we thank God for that.  In this break in someone kicked in the side door and went in and took the keyboard and amp. We thank God nothing else was taken. As a church we need to be prayerful and vigilant then maybe these people will be apprehended,” said Shelton.

These incidents underscore the fact that crime can knock on anyone’s door. Roby stressed a message that law enforcement agencies tell their communities; if you see something, say something.

“It could be something or it could be nothing, but we’ll rather check it out and determine that when we get there. So if anyone sees a car parked on the side of the road or riding up and down the road more than once.. just call us and we’ll check it out,” said Roby.

If anyone has any information on these burglaries; call the Noxubee County Sheriff’s Department.

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