Two teens arrested after video creates concern for Louisville High School

LOUISVILLE, Miss (WCBI) – We are learning more about the two teenagers arrested after a video creates concern on the Louisville High School campus.

Now, educators are working to enhance their security efforts.

A video circulating on social media showed two male teens entering Louisville High School. In that video you see the teens holding a gun.

The post led to parents flocking to the school and flooding the phone lines of the police department, wanting to know what was happening.

Now, police want to know did they carry a gun on campus.

Here is what we learned.

Two teens are now sitting in the Juvenile Correctional Facility in Greenwood after a social media post went viral in Winston County.

Now, educators have an idea about how it was created.

“In this day and age with the availability and the way social media works. Somebody puts together a video and posts it and they cut it edit the video and the videos get out they and it may or may not be portraying the actual event the way it occurred. And it poses problems,” Dr. Luke said.

Louisville Municipal school district superintendent Dr. David Luke says administrators are working closely with law enforcement to determine exactly what happened.

“I am extremely pleased with the collaborative effort between LPD and Louisville High School officials and our employees. Worked extremely well to handle the situations that occurred yesterday. Two students did show up on campus, videoed themselves on campus, and made the appearance that they may or may not have had something they should not have had on campus. This was addressed real quickly, and within hours, the Louisville Police Department had detained and dealt with them on the legal side,” Dr. Luke said.

While school officials would not elaborate on how the students got onto campus, they continue to work on security measures across the district.

“Building those partnerships with LPD, Winston County Sherriff office, all those partnerships, and all those security measures that we put in over the last couple of years, security cameras to automatic door locks that we are in the process of installing and getting operational to ensure that all over our classrooms are locked daily during instructional times and all these methods and measures that we put in to try to increase the safety of our students,” Dr. Luke said.

In addition to the weapon possession charge, both teens are also charged with terroristic threats.

Dr. Luke says if you see something say something. And students and parents are asked to use “SPOT IT”, an app to report any suspicious behavior.

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