Two teens arrested after woman’s car stolen in Columbus


COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Two quick arrests this morning after a Columbus woman had her car stolen.

Monroe Richards, 19, and Montevias Williams, 18, were arrested across the state line by Reform, Alabama police.

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Columbus police spokesman Joe Dillon said the vehicle was taken from a home on the Southside of Columbus about 7:15.

Less than an hour later, Richards and Williams were in handcuffs.

Investigators believed the victim started her car, in order to warm it up, before leaving and went back inside her home.

“If you’re going to start your car, we know it’s cold and we know a car needs to be warmed up so you defrost the windows or whatever. If you do so, you need to keep it in sight or preferably lock the vehicle while it’s running” said Columbus Police Captain Anthony Nelson.

Charges have not been officially filed, but Dillon believes the duo could face a grand larceny charge.

Richards and Williams remain in the Pickens County jail.