U.S. Supreme Court asks Governor to Defend Keeping State Flag


JACKSON, Miss. (AP)- The U.S. Supreme Court is asking attorneys for Governor Phil Bryant to file arguments defending the Confederate battle emblem on the state flag.

The court on Tuesday set a Sept. 28 deadline for the filing. Carlos Moore, an African-American attorney in Mississippi, filed suit in 2016 seeking to have the flag declared an unconstitutional relic of slavery.

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A federal district judge and an appeals court ruled against Moore, but his attorneys asked the Supreme Court in June to consider the case during the term that begins in October.

Moore said it’s a good sign for him that justices are requesting arguments from Republican Gov. Phil Bryant.

Mississippi has the last state flag featuring the Confederate battle emblem, and while critics say the symbol is racist, supporters say it represents history.

  • Si Simmons

    Keep the flag !! I’m American by birth but I’m Mississippian by the grace of God !!

    • tnaronz

      I don’t think you understand how this works.

  • Paul Gayheart

    Protect our History.

  • Carlos Moore is a hack. Mayor Chuck Espy appointed him Judge, and the first thing he did was take the flag from his courtroom. That’s all he’s got to do?

  • robineggblue82

    Google MS state constitution. Nowhere does it describe the canton of the state flag as a Confederate emblem. RATHER it describes the symbol as representing the first 13 states of the Union. It is therefore not a Confederate symbol no matter if it’s an exact mirror.

  • urindenial

    I have yet to hear a good argument for keeping a flag that represents, to so many, support for slavery, support for traitors during a war which killed hundreds of thousands, and support for Jim Crow. I can’t wait to hear the Governor’s defense.

  • tnaronz

    It’s weird that we keep celebrating a flag that not only was on the wrong side of history but decidedly lost a war.

  • Linda Duke Brewster

    I thought that the residents of the state voted to keep their flag. So why would there be an issue with it, if it was overwhelmingly voted in by the majority. What I don’t understand is why we, the majority, are not heard, but the minorities are allowed to get their way. It seems people in power are afraid that they might offend someone. Well, I, personally, am offended by being dictated to, by the minorities of this country.