UNCORKED: Wine Misconceptions

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- Fact or fiction? When it comes to sipping wine there are a few myths that might hinder you from expanding your knowledge of wine.

Bobbie Burgess breaks down some of the common myths.

One of the misconceptions is the reason people think they get a headache after drinking wine. A lot of people think that wine headaches are caused from sulfites, and that’s actually not the case. So french fries, dried fruit , pureed meats, candy, soda are all things that have more sulfites than a bottle of wine.

So if you’re having an adverse reaction, it’s probably from histamines, or you might just need to have a couple glasses a lot of water. So what I typically do is one glass of water per glass of wine.

Sulfites naturally occur during the fermentation process of wine. So there will be wines, they’ll be like, oh, this is sulfite free and that’s just not accurate. They just haven’t added any extra sulfites, but they naturally occur.

People also hear that you should age all of your wine and actually most wine is meant to be consumed within one to five years at all. It has to do with the level of acidity, tannin structure, the level of fruit in the wine because as a wine ages, the tannin soften and that acidity comes down a little bit.

Lastly, people often think that because there’s a wine with a screw cap, it’s automatically cheaper. But a lot of winemakers, especially high end wine makers are moving to screw tops. Because when you have a cork, the oxygen gets in it.

You also have the possibility of having cork tank or TCA which makes your wine smell like wet cardboard.

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