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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Students of Lowndes County will be required to wear uniforms next year following a decision by the school board on Friday. Board member Wesley Barrett began the motion that was only denied by Brian Clark. Clark said Caledonia parents objected to mandatory uniforms and only twenty percent of parents across the district wanted the change. Superintendent Lynn Wright hopes the uniforms will increase campus safety and create a more enforceable dress code.

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  • Chelle

    As a veteran teacher in the Lowndes County School District, I am very excited about this much needed change. I understand all of the woes that parents feel about it. However, the parents are not the ones on campus 9 + hours a day. School is school. Parents can dress their children at home however they want. At school, students should be there to learn. PERIOD. As a teacher, I will follow the same uniform as my students whether it is required or not. I support our district in this decision. Parents/community, just take a deep breath. You will see that in the long run, this decision will be a very positive change. 🙂

  • Stupefied

    You have an enforceable dress code now. that excuse doest cut it.
    Tell me how kids wearing uniforms will increase safety. They have airbags?
    Or maybe it will be easier to identify someone who breaks the law? ” He was dressed just like me”

  • Rodney

    I think uniforms are ridiculous. Safety, seriously what do uniforms have to do with safety. Enforce your dress code you already have, or is it easier for you to come up with a new rule instead of enforce the rule you have. The way our kids dress is how they express themselves and now you want to take that away from them. I just think this whole uniform crap is ridiculous!!!

  • MTL

    I am a teacher in Lowndes County. While I understand the grumblings of some, the reasons make no sense. This is not about expressing one’s self. A child’s individuality is expressed through his/her personality and actions, not the clothing. I do agree that dress codes currently in place should have been enforced more rigorously. With that being said, many students will openly admit to changing clothes at school so that a parent is not aware of what is being worn, On top of that, when a parent cannot get to school to bring a change of clothing, that child sits in ISD for the day. The student is there to learn. Dress appopriately; stay in the classroom. As a teacher i see more cleavage and boxers on any given day than I should have to. Parents purchase these larger than large pants for their sons to sag and tight, low cut shirts for their daughters. Uniforms will help control this. I also believe that having our students in uniforms makes them easily identified by any one within the school. This is a safety aspect any parent should respect. I plan to purchase my school wardrobe around what the students wear; I am not opposed to “looking” like them. I am glad that our county is taking this direction.

  • Rodney

    MTL, your statement just proved that you as a school worker and all other employees of the school district are not enforcing the dress code you have now. If you we’re you wouldn’t see boxers and cleavage. And I guess you have it made and you can afford to buy all these special school uniforms plus a second set of clothes outside of school. This has nothing to do with safety. It has to do with the school board & those for uniforms not having to put out the expense for all these clothes or putting up with a child that doesn’t want to wear uniforms just so he/she can be forced to be like all the others. They should learn the be equal without be forced to. This is just an excuse not to enforce the rules the school district already has set. IT IS RIDICULOUS!! Don’t our administrators have bigger issues they need to deal with other than uniforms, like test scores and academics!! ENFORCE THE RULES YOU ALREADY HAVE instead of bringing in another rule that you are not going to enforce in the end after us parents spend all this money on ridiculous school uniforms. And start holding these parents accountable for how they raise there kids. I am accountable for my daughters actions everyday. There is nothing more I hate to see then someone’s boxers or cleavage, I agree but ENFORCE IT. You need someone in there that is not scared to make someone mad by enforcing the rules instead of how most administrators sweep it under the rug!! You just admitted it in your statement on how you are not enforcing if you were then you wouldn’t see boxers and cleavage. My child will NOT wear school uniforms if I wanted my daughter to wear uniforms I would’ve sent her to a private school. I will pull her out & send her to another district as will plenty of other parents I have spoken with!!

  • marynagy@yahoo.com

    Actually, Rodney, I am a teacher who enforces policy. I did not say I ignored policy. When I see boxers and cleavage, I have these students fix their clothing. I have also followed the policy of writing them up for not following the dress code. Do not read into my words. Just because I said I see it does not mean I don’t address it. Since the approval of uniforms has been passed, more students have commented they are rather glad. While there are a few grumbling, most of my students are now ok with the idea. If you want to remove your child because of uniforms, that’s your decision, but it seems from listening to my students, they really don’t have much of an issue with it now that it has been passed. They are willing to accept this change.

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