United Way host volunteer appreciation day

COLUMBUS, Miss (WCBI) – United Way wrapped up the 70th anniversary of the Columbus Lowndes County Airport by hosting a volunteer appreciation day.

The day to give back came with free food, prizes, and fun activities for the kids.
From face painting to jumpers for the kids, United Way hosted a fun-filled day at the Columbus Lowndes Airport to continue its 70th-anniversary celebration.

Executive Director Assistant, Quan Turner says without volunteers they wouldn’t be able to make an impact on those in the community

and it is important for them to show their appreciation.

” Without our volunteers, a lot of our projects would not be able to get done so this is another way to give back to them,” said Turner.

Makayla Wright works as a volunteer for United Way and Contact Helpline.
She says that both organizations make a big impact on things that are important to her.
and because of them, she has been able to touch many lives.

“I’m a part of the Contact Helpline because it touches people in many different areas. Contact Helpline touches people who are older, alone, and more depressed, and United Way just touches everyone. It doesn’t have a stigma on it and I just love being a part of it because I am able to help everybody in each community,” said Wright.

Being a full-time student she didn’t know if she would be able to volunteer.
She says she has learned many valuable lessons by giving back.
and thinks it is something more young adults should do.

” it teaches them discipline and it teaches them to be more open-minded and also to respect people who may have less than them or more than them. You can just see different areas of the community and be grateful and still help those in their time of need or if they need something,” said Wright.

If you don’t know where to start, United Way is always looking for volunteers.
It’s always a good time to volunteer because there is always something going on in the community so you can either contact me or look on our website and we will have a lot of our calendars on the community,” said Turner.

To get more information on how you can become a volunteer visit United Way

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