Updates develop in Columbus’ 3rd homicide investigation of 2023

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) -“I’m tired of… I’m tired of going to parents telling them that their children are dead. I’m tired, of senseless stupid stuff and it’s really starting to get frustrating,” said Columbus Police Chief Joseph Daughtry.

An argument spilled blood in the streets and left 17-year-old Labronze Moore dead, four suspects arrested and more are expected soon.

“Johnny Coleman, age 17. Travaris Laquond Mixon Jr, age 18. Rasheed Neal, age 17. Kenzel Guiton, age 17. All four have been charged with murder,” said Daughtry.

The chief said his department has been knocking on doors and taking names, literally.

“I activated the entire SWAT Team. We served so many warrants over the last three days. We’ve been to different people’s houses, grandmother’s houses, uncle’s houses, cousin’s houses, everybody’s houses. And we have been knocking on doors. And a lot of people were like ‘Well does it take all this’. Yes, it does,” said Daughtry.

The Columbus City Council and the police department will be partnering up to address gun violence through the legal system.

“Just the other day, Councilman Mickens contacted me and wants me to look at other cities and other statutes that they have in place that we can implement a stronger penalty for shooting in the city limits. And that’s what I’m doing right now,” said Daughtry.

He said some teenagers may not even be shooting at each other.

They could just be shooting in the air, but bullets don’t have names on them.

“We have young people who are just shooting in the air. And at the end of the day, in general physics, what goes up, has to come down. And these people are not thinking about this,” said Daughtry.

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