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VERONA, Miss. (WCBI) – What started as a Tuesday afternoon response to disturbance call, ended with a fatal shooting. A Verona Police officer shot and killed 31 year old Henry Montgomery. Wednesday, his brother faces drug charges.

33 year old Christopher Lashawn Montgomery was read his rights this afternoon at the Lee County Justice Court in Tupelo.

“Mr. Montgomery was charged with possession of crack cocaine with the intent to distribute it was based upon of the amount of crack cocaine that he had almost 24 ounces then we had a situation where he was within 1,500 feet of a city park which enhances the penalty if he is convicted,” said Sheriff Johnson.

Montgomery bond was set at 250 thousand dollars.  A 911 call about a disturbance on Matix Road sent police to the area. Moments later officers were questioning the Montgomery brothers.

“During the interrogation of the police department, the two Montgomery boy grabbed the narcotics, fled with it, threw it down. Another once picked it up and began to flee the scene,” said Sheriff Johnson.

That’s when Henry Montgomery was shot. Officers aren’t saying if the brothers, who are from Aberdeen, were armed, and they still aren’t sure what the pair was doing in Verona.

“Both of these individuals had prior felony charges and convictions. Christopher had one conviction of drug charge with intent to distribute. The deceased was on probation for a manslaughter charge convicted in 2006,” added the Sheriff.

Sheriff Johnson can’t tell us just yet what else was found at the scene. 911 tapes will play a role in the investigation. The names of the officers involved in the shooting have not been released.

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  • will gathings

    The sheriff didnt have to say what previous charges they had that dont justify u shooting to kill

  • monroe me

    Might not justify shooting but does give an idea of what they were dealing with, surly not pillars of any community. If shooting is justified I would call it swift justice!!!

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