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WEST POINT, Miss.(WCBI)—It’s the place most parents consider to be a safe haven for their children.

Thursday marks the anniversary of a loss of innocence in the classroom. Nearly 20 years ago, two armed gunmen entered Columbine High School and shot their way through the hallways, the cafeteria and the library. That event forever changed the way schools approached security.

18 years ago high school students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold entered their Colorado school with guns and a plan.

Twelve students died. So did one teacher. More than 20 others were injured.

“It immediately took your breath away. To imagine that  could happen any where in the United States. To me that brought it out. It made it real that there are evil people around us among us,”said Church Hill Elementary School Principal Cindy Donahoo.

Donahoo has been in education for more than 30 years. She says when she first started in the classroom, parents and guardians of students could come and go as they pleased.

” They were allowed up and down the hall ways in and out of the classroom you didn’t check I.D. The doors were not locked. Now to come into our office you must be buzzed in. If you don’t recognize that person there is a speaker outside that you can ask how can I help you,”said Donahoo.

Riley Ray is a second grader, he says he definitely fells safe.

“I do, because there is always someone there to keep you safe and there is always a way to go,”said Ray.

Because of Columbine,” We have buzzers on our doors so doors can not be propped open and left open. we have Key fobs that you can go in and out with different places. To get into our front building that you cam in is the only door that can be entered to come into our school,”said Donahoo.


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