Video: A Hidden Vessel Brings Revenue To Columbus

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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) — Columbus is known for historic homes and other sites that attract many people across the U.S. each year. However, there is one hidden vessel that even locals aren’t aware of: The Columbus Marina.

“It’s a great place to come great place to be to relax. The water is peaceful and so it’s just nice to be on the water,” says Benjamin Lafoon.

As the temperatures continue to rise, so will the amount of boat traffic along the Tenn-Tom Waterway. Benjamin Lafoon is one of the boaters. Since 2012, he has used the Columbus Marina.

Benjamin says repairs and maintenance for a boat can get pricey.

“A boat can be described as a hole in the water that you keep pouring money into so that part can a lot of times be handled by someone like the Marina here that specializes in kind of boat maintenance and engine repairs,” says Lafoon.

Every year, hundred of boats float through the Marina.

Whether they are looking to fuel up or just take a break from the water, a venture onto dry land means a flow of revenue into Columbus.

“It’s good for commerce particularly you’ve got a few industries along the water way that really bring in a lot income you know for the economy,” says Lafoon.

Harbor Master T Caldwell says the small town marina attracts boaters from the east and west coast.

“It’s not something that is publicized very well.

The boat that we are standing beside here is from California been here four years. He went up and down the west coast and came through Panama Canal and gone up and down East Coast and he liked it here,” says T Caldwell.

While Spring and Summer are busy, the Marina is even more packed during the Fall and Winter months.

“From mid-September to the middle of November and that’s when all the snow birds we call them come down from the north headed to the Gulf and to Florida for warm weather,” says Caldwell.

So, when you decide to hit the water, remember there’s always a friendly place to dock at the Columbus Marina.

The Columbus Marina recently received an Active Captain Certification.

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