Video: A Spectacle of 15,000 Christmas Lights

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COLES HOUSELOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)- Welcome to the Cole’s residence. A festive spectacle of Christmas lights and decorations Walter Cole enjoys making every year.

“I put up about 15,000 lights. It takes about 2 months for me to put all the decorations up and takes it about that long to take it all down. But I got a sea saw working, a Merry-Go-Round working, a Ferris Wheel working, all that’s moving the same time with the lights on,” said Cole.

He began his sparkly display nearly 50 years ago and adds to it every year–attracting people both near and far.

“We’ll have anywhere from 15 to 35 people a night drive through to look at it. a lot of them come from out of town, you know, Aberdeen, Amory, Starkville, places like that. They come down here and see it,” said Cole.

“He starts putting it up by himself, except for the lights, the icicle lights. Our daughter and our niece help put those up because we’re getting a little old to put things high up on the porch,” said Dorothy Cole.

Dorothy and Walter have been married for 68 years and say even though it weighs a lot on their budget and energy, they wouldn’t trade it for a day.

“It is expensive and it’s a lot of trouble but if people will come and enjoy it, then we’re happy,” said Dorothy Cole.

So if you’re looking for an amazing display, don’t be afraid to stop by the Coles.

“If you got the time or something drive by and look at it for yourself. No charge at all. And if you want some pie or something, I’ll give you some pie too when you come,” said Walter Cole.

If you want to stop by, the Coles home at 43 Luxilin Drive Columbus, MS they welcome visitors every evening from 5 to 9.

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