Video: Aberdeen Chief of Police Wants Stricter Curfew for Teens

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ABERDEEN, Miss. (WCBI) – Theft is on the rise in the City of Aberdeen and now the Chief of Police is asking for stricter curfews.

Aberdeen Chief of Police Henry Randle says teenagers are breaking the law, stealing personal items and destroying other people’s property. Now he wants their parents to be held accountable.

“Well when we got there, a bunch of juveniles took off running,” says Randle.

Randle recently confiscated from a 14-year old boy, after responding to shots fired on Glendale Circle. He says there’s been an increase in petty crime and much of it is committed by teens who are left unsupervised.

“The issues that we are having are kind of on the rampage. They’re running loose, they’re vandalizing homes. They’re actually stealing a lot of possession that people are leaving in the yard. If they’re leaving like purses or Ipads or anything in their vehicles, they’re actually breaking the windows out and taking these items,” says Randle.

Chief Randle wants the city curfew ordinance to be stricter. Currently, anyone under the age of 18 has to be off the street by 10pm during the week and midnight on weekends. He’d also like the fines parents pay for breaking curfew to be increased from $25 to $100.

“Well I think the parents should be held accountable for their children. I understand that everybody has to work, I understand that but if you’re going to leave a child at home, you need to leave them with somebody that’s going to be responsible for them instead of letting them walk the street at 11:30, 12 o’clock at night,” says Randle.

Randle says he believes the situation can be controlled but the department will need the continued support of the community.

“If you see a group of juveniles in your area, please give us a call and let us handle it,” says Randle.

The Board of Aldermen says they’ll review the curfew ordinance and take a look at other nearby city ordinances as well. The issue will be addressed at the next Board meeting.

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