Video: Accused Tupelo Wal-Mart Bomber has First Court Appearance

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TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) -A Tupelo man says he detonated an explosive device inside a Wal Mart because he is upset the retailer pulled all items with the Confederate flag from its shelves.

61-year-old Marshall Leonard was arrested early Sunday, after police say he threw a device comprised of fireworks, inside the vestibule of the North Gloster Street Wal Mart.

No one was hurt, and Leonard was arrested near the store when an officer spotted him driving erratically.

During an initial appearance, bond was set at $150,000. Leonard talked freely about his crime and answered allegations from the “Magnolia State Heritage Campaign” that he is a member of a civil rights group for African Americans.

The Heritage Group says you are a plant from the NAACP.

“I sure hope so”

“Wal Mart, has been, the corporate has been trying to destroy America for the past 20 years, or longer, Sam Wal Mart , originator of it, had no clue it would turn out this way, boycott has been going on for 20 years, go to boycottwalmart dot com on your browser and read all about it, all kinds of crap there.”

“The amount he had, if it had done what he intended, throwing it in there and all that glass, if it would have caused enough to shatter some glass, yes, it could have hurt people.”

Police will proceed with their case against Leonard, even though he has admitted responsibility. His grand jury date is next March.

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