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Ackerman, Miss. (WCBI) – Choctaw County Supervisors are a step closer to coming up with a business to replace Pioneer Community Hospital when they make their exit from the Highway 12 location in Ackerman.

The relationship between Choctaw County Supervisors and Pioneer is like a love affair gone sour and the only sweet thing would be finding a partner to take it’s place. An officially approved proposal goes out this Monday to potential buyers of their hospital and nursing home.


“Suspected to come back in on April 29th for the board to start reviewing those proposals to move forward with the potential sale or lease of both of our facilities,” said Chris McIntire, Choctaw County Supervisor President.

A special transition attorney from Jackson is hired by the county as the search hopefully nears an end for tenants of a critical access hospital, offices, and nursing home. Keep in mind, Pioneer still has an active contractual agreement they are locked into with the county that must be honored.


“When dealing with these transitions and documents that just specific to medical, you know we sought out to see who the expert in that field was. And we found this attorney in Jackson,” said McIntire.

There are a half dozen prospects for the hospital and about a dozen for the nursing home, and finding the right ones are important when it comes to paying back the one point five to one point eight million dollar bond debt for the newly completed hospital.


“The board has been working very diligently to get a, to resolve this problem that we’ve had,” said McIntire.

The deadline for Pioneer’s departure from Ackerman is August First.


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