Video: Airbus Helicopters Inc. Reaches Milestone With 300 Lakotas Sold

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LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) — Riding high along the North Mississippi sky, Airbus Helicopters Inc. is literally soaring.

“We delivered our 300th aircraft and this particular aircraft is going to the national guard to support the S & S security and support mission on the Southwest Border,” said Lt. Col. David Cheney, Product Manager for Lakota Helicopter.

State and local leaders, including Governor Phil Bryant recognized the Airbus staff Wednesday morning for a job well done.

“Having flown in a Lakota, it’s an incredible helicopter, a great machine. And the men and women that work at the facility here at GTR for Airbus are second to none,” said Representative Gregg Harper.

The Lakota helicopters are very influential to the military, not only overseas, but also right here in Mississippi.

“When Louisville had their problem a couple of weeks ago, we saw S&S battalion aircraft in the air. They have infrared sensors on it to detect body heat and things of that nature when people are trying to recover from disaster and you’re trying to respond,” said Sam Adcock, General Manager of Airbus Helicopters in Columbus.

Those who help make the Lakota say it’s a tremendous achievement, 9 years in the making.

“As the workers here at the plant know, we’ve gone through very challenging budgetary times. The Lakota, through the success of the program and hard work of the artisans that work on the aircraft and build them on time and on schedule facilitate the programs success,” said Lt. Col. David Cheney.

Airbus is preparing to go full assembly with its AS350 single engine helicopters in September.

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