Video: Amory Citizens Meet to Organize Opposition to Alcohol Referendum

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AMORY, Miss. (WCBI) — Some Amory citizens are not happy with the prospect of alcohol being sold in the city, and tonight they gathered to organize a community wide effort to keep Amory dry. Pastors and concerned citizens gathered at the Victory Temple Church, for what sounded very much like a church revival . Pastors pointed out the Biblical admonition against strong drink, and others simply pointed out the effort the change would have law enforcement and general public safety. Bishop Jerry Crump spearheaded the event.

“It will not help the growth of Amory,” said Crump. “We’ve seen things happen in our city. This is a good place to live. Amory is one best places that I know you can come and live. And we just don’t want to add alcohol to the problems that we have. We have enough problems with drugs in our town and our county. And we don’t want to add alcohol to it.”

Bishop Crump says those pushing for alcohol need to turn in a petition with over 900 signatures to get it on a future ballot. So those at tonight’s meeting plan to use social media and word of mouth to try to convince people to oppose the idea.

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