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AMORY, MISS. (WCBI) –  It was April 16 2003 when Sam Baker posed for this newspaper photo. His second grade class at West Amory Elementary had just sealed envelopes filled with personal momentos and placed them in a time capsule.

Exactly ten years later, Baker was re creating that newspaper photo in the high school auditorium where AHS seniors, their parents, teachers and friends gathered for a special assembly.

Do you remember doing the time capsule ten years ago? “Faintly, a little bit, I remember getting all boxes together and doing it,” Baker said. 

Two large plastic containers have been kept in storage for ten years. The boxes were brought out and those who taught second grade a decade ago had the honor of unsealing the time capsule.

Then it was time to hand out envelopes to each student. After 120 packets had been passed out, it was time to open the envelopes and gaze on items and memories a decade old.

Did you remember anything in your packet? “I remember the baseball jersey and that’s about it,” Tanner  Poole said. 

As Tanner  sifted through the memories, his mother, who was a second grade teacher all those years ago, looked on and remembered.

It shows how close the class was, bringing back the teachers who were together,” said his mother, and former 2nd grade teacher, Amy Jones. 

When you opened the packet, what did you think? “I was surprised and happy cause I don’t even remember doing one,” said AHS Senior Hannah Gaskin. 

I had made a paper, I guess, said in the year 2013 I want to be a strong believer in God, which I am, I want to have $5,000 in my savings account,” said AHS Senior Drake Avery. 

How has it gone?

“Alright, I wish I had $5,000 in my savings account,” Avery said. 

Drake did include these baseball and golf cards, which are unopened and may help him on the road to that $5,000.

Mia Sims was reunited with a prized possession.

I remember putting my barbie doll and barbie doll TV in there,” Sims said. 

Students, say there are a lot of life lessons from this project.

Not let time, as it flies by, not to let it get away from us and to remember these things and to remember who we are and where we come from and what it is that makes us who we are,” said Reagan Huffman, who is also class president.  

Newspapers and other magazines from the students’ time capsule will be on display in the Amory High School Library.











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