VIDEO: Amory Police Are On The Lookout For Residents Doing Good Deeds

AMORY, Miss. (WCBI) – A police department and a pizza parlor partner to deliver tasty citations across the community.

Hometown Pizza reached out to the Amory Police Department about the special project that has officers stopping residents for good behavior.

Pizza, police, and positivity is what this project is all about.

Hometown Pizza and the Amory Police Department are giving out good deed citations to locals who do good things.

The citation gets you a free large pizza from the restaurant.

Amory Police Officers are hitting the streets, looking for people doing good things in the community.

We loaded up in this cruiser on a mission to hand out the very first good deed citation.

It didn’t take long for Officer Brad Taylor to spot out Justin Hall and pull him over to tell him the good news.

“When you pulled over, over there, you went in the other lane, slowed down a little bit, and gave the right away to the guys working on the side of the road.” Says Taylor.

“Right.” says Hall.

Hall was on the way to see his wife at the hospital when he got pulled over for doing the right thing, and had no idea what was about to be handed to him.

“I was wondering why in the world I was being pulled over.” Says Hall.

“Did your heart sink?” Asks WCBI.

“It did, it did, and I was like, this is the last thing I need, but this is pretty cool though.” Says Hall.

“Yeah, it’s pretty cool. We’re just out trying to make peoples’ day a little bit brighter.” Says Officer Taylor.

“Alright man, I appreciate it.” Says Hall.

“It means a lot that somebody is willing to, a business man and a business owner, is willing to step up to us and say, ‘Hey, we want to use y’all and go through y’all and recognize that y’all do see good and you’re not always out there doing bad, and we want to help show the community that this is what y’all are.’ ” Says Amory Police Lt. Investigator Andy Long.

Hall says the good citations shine a light on law enforcement, which he believes is really needed right now.

“I was actually Military police in the Air Force for six years, and it really makes me mad seeing how the country is going and the negativity going towards law enforcement. All they’re doing is doing their job.”

Chris Bouldin says his pastor sparked the idea for this at church one Sunday, leading him to want to make a positive impact.

“Hopefully, this will change the outlook on the whole negativity towards the police officers. There’s some nice guys here and they have backed me up since I’ve been here and I love them to death. Monroe County is amazing and so I’m just trying to do something that’s going to be very positive.”

If you receive a good deed citation, Bouldin wants you to come in to get your free pizza and tell him about what happened, so he can make a video about it to share.

Long also says they’re looking to surprise people, not for people calling in telling them they do good deeds.

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