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Northeast Mississippi (WCBI) –While the nation celebrates Martin Luther King Jr., Day, several states also honor another man. In Arkansas, Mississippi , Georgia and Alabama, the slain civil rights leader shares a state holiday with Robert E Lee, the commanding officer of the largest Confederate Army.

Harry Vinson is planning a memorial on his picturesque property.

“I want to have a confederate memorial out here and I want to fly a flag for each one of the 13 states that made up the confederacy and I will have an unknown Confederate soldiers monument here.”

He is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and believes that it’s important to remember southern history and heritage.

That’s why he wants people to know that along with Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the third Monday in January is also a memorial day to General Robert E Lee .

Vinson , who is a former history teacher, gives presentations to various civic groups and other organizations about the Confederacy, and the General from Virginia, who is known for his deep convictions and military genius.

“He felt like it was wrong to draw a sword and invade his own state or to invade any other state as Abraham Lincoln had requested that he do and in fact General Lee turned down an offer to command the Union forces.”

Vinson also says it’s important for people to know about General Lee’s strong Christian beliefs and a revival that swept through the Confederate forces.

“This was led by General Lee and General Stonewall Jackson, and their preachers they had in their armies.”

He says the entire country continues to reap the benefits of that revival and the leadership of a general who’s motto was “Duty, Honor and Country.”

General Lee’s military tactics and strategies are still widely studied today.

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