Video: Aspiring Apiarists Assemble to Learn Bee-Keeping Business

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MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV., Miss. (WCBI) – Mississippi State’s campus is abuzz with activity this week. Aspiring Apiarists from across the state are taking part in a first of its kind Beekeeping Camp put on by the University. Children 12 and older, along with their parents and grandparents, are learning how to build and manage hives, how to harvest honey, and the important role bees play in food production by pollinating crops.

Extension Entomologist, Dr. John Guyton said, “Pollination is the most important thing that we use bees for today. In the early history of the country we used bees mostly for their honey, but today we use them mostly for pollination. Honey is almost a side product.”

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In recent years occurrences of “colony collapse” have underscored the role that honeybees play in agriculture. Many feel that small scale, individual bee operations can be beneficial in the larger view.