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Northeast Mississippi(WCBI)-When it come to states in the country having the worst drivers, you’ll be happy to know Mississippi is not at the top of that bad list. However, according to California based website “CarinsuranceComparison.com.”, Mississippi has the third worst drivers.

The thought of Mississippi being at the top or even near the top of a negative list is hard for some North Mississippi motorists to swallow.

“No I don’t think we got bad drivers in Mississippi. I mean you go other places in bigger cities and then you’ll see how people drive. No sir I do not,” said Brian Norton, Clay County Driver.

“They’ve got it wrong. I don’t know where they get that from. Every time I go somewhere I’m in other states like Louisiana, Texas and I would see at least three wrecks,” said Richard Walker, Truck Driver.

Louisiana clocks in as having the worst drivers… two years in a row. Experienced truck driver Richard Walker knows that well.

“I see the highway patrol in Louisiana run seat belt grants all the time up and down 12 and ten. They really work hard in Louisiana trying to keep that down,” said Walker.

“Other than what I experience you know, a little bit over the road you know, Georgia, Louisiana; Georgia is probably got to be the worst if you ask me,” said Corey Bingham, Eupora Truck Driver.

Factored into that ranking was the rate of fatalities, citations issued, drunk driving incidents, and careless driving citations which adds up to being number three in a negative way. So as far as the motorist WCBI News spoke with, someone should put the brakes on these findings by the California-based website research.

“You get into some of these big cities like Jackson and stuff like that you know people drive pretty crazy, but other than that around here you know we don’t really see too many fatalities that are coming up on like 82 and 45 and stuff like that you know. I don’t,” said Bingham.

“No I don’t think our drivers are real bad at driving you know. I know at times when its stressful and holiday season you know people don’t tend to keep their mind on the road, but far as whole no,” says Amy Johnson, Alabama Motorist.

Among the ten states with the best drivers… Iowa.

South Carolina has the second worst drivers in the country, according to the research.


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  • Mark

    Anyone who has been in Columbus the last 12 months would typically agree. there are folks driving that I have yet to figure out how they passed their test….
    And as far as Iowa having the best drivers, there is nothing but cornfields. Not a good comparison.

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