VIDEO: The Benefits Of S.N.A.P.

LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss.(WCBI)—Working to keep the lights on or to keep a roof over head, are difficult tasks with a steady income.

For millions of Americans, however, the daily fight is against hunger. Our country offers programs to help those people in need.

Jrame Wells recently applied for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program after she had a significant change in her house hold income.

“We were on shut down for 3 weeks straight. When I got ready to go back to work after the 3 weeks, I came back to work and I didn’t have my job anymore,”said S.N.A.P. Program member Jrame Wells.

Director of the Lowndes County Department of Human Services, Jim Sutherland, says that’s where they come in.

“For those who are low income or no income they can apply, actually anybody can come and apply, it’s open to anybody and eligibility is determined. Through that process, if they are eligible they will get a sum of money per month to help them with the benefits to supplement them from buying their food items that they have for them self,”said Sutherland.

S.N.A.P. is designed to help families like the Wells but if you cheat the system, Sutherland says, you will face grave consequences.

” If there’s a tip or a situation where they see certain buying patterns, that also throw a red flag, they will review those. They will also bring the people in and talk over the information to find more about it, why this was going on, to get a better understanding. If it’s really flagrant that’s fraud and they will actually peruse justification on that,”said Sutherland.

Wells says people should not misuse the assistance.

“They really need to use it for what it’s provided for. To buy food, not to sell them or give them away. That’s the reason of S.N.A.P. benefits is to help us. It’s to make sure we are taking care of our self, feeding ourselves, and our young ones,”said Wells.

The agency pays close to $1.4 M to qualifying individuals in Lowndes County each month. Sutherland says the service isn’t limited to just assist with food, alone.

“We also have S.N.A.P. education, where we work with them on how to buy, how to use coupons, and things like that. We do have a lot of opportunities where we can help a family or a single parent house hold know better on how to use their S.N.A.P. benefits,”said Sutherland.

Wells says she would really be in a bind without the assistance of S.N.A.P.

During my interview Sutherland mentioned how S.N.A.P. has extended it’s reach of service. To find out what additional programs are offered,more information on snap, and how to qualify visit or drop by the Lowndes County Department of Human Services to pick up an application.

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