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BROOKSVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) –Usually when a break-in occurs in a city, you call the police. But what if you are the police. R. H. Brown has more from Brooksville, where suspects are being sought in a case of illegal entry at that police department.

It happened around ten forty five Wednesday night and Brooksville city officials are still trying to determine just who broke into their police station.

“Someone made entry into our office and then they made entry into what the chief offices where evidence is kept. And its been undetermined what exactly was taken. And its currently under investigation with the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations,” said Andreas Walker, Brooksville Police Dept.

“Right now we are going to leave that in their hands and see what they can come up with,” said David Boswell, Mayor.

Its only been six months into his administration and Brooksville Mayor David Boswell is not pleased with this type of crime against his city’s police department.

“No I’m not taking this very well but you know like I say, at the same time those things possibly can happen at any given time you know. But I hate that it happened to us.”

Neither Walker or mayor Boswell would elaborate on just what was taken from the evidence room. But one thing is certain, these items are often needed by attorneys to seal the lid tight on cases.

“I will do everything in my possible power to correct this,” said Boswell.

There are no surveillance cameras at that police station. Anyone with information about the break-in should call the Brooksville Police Department  662-754-6800.


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