VIDEO: Bruce Hosts Its Semi-Annual Tour of Homes

BRUCE, Miss. (WCBI) – For years, The Calhoun County community hosts an annual Tour of Homes, where people tour local homes decorated for the Christmas season.

The tour alternates every year between Calhoun City and Bruce.

This year, it was Bruce’s turn.

“They are all beautiful homes, and they’re all decorated for Christmas,” said Fine Arts Club Member, Rose-Mary Shelton.

Residents were able to see for themselves just how decorated these homes were in the local Fine Arts Club’s annual “Tour of Homes.”

“Every other year, some of our local homes that are always excited to open their homes and this year we have four on the tour,” continued Shelton.

Finding homes to open their doors is never hard to do.

“They are always excited to open their homes and this year we have four on the tour,” said Shelton.

“This is a great community effort. The fine arts club does a fantastic job of not only raising money for great causes but bringing people together, and we’re so welcoming to have people come into our home,” said homeowner, Brad Logan.

Homeowners take the time to make sure everything is ready for the people who visit.

“About three weeks ago, we completely started decorating each room of the house,” said homeowner, Michael Herrod. “Most of the stuff was stuff I already had, and we just took it all out of the attic and put it together.”

The proceeds from the tickets bought go back into the town to keep it beautiful, year-round, making homeowners even more willing to open their door.

“I was raised in the city, and I was more than glad to open it to the town,” said Herrod.

“I think it’s fantastic that you can drive around the square right now that’s lit up beautifully at night. It’s always taken care of and one of the main reasons is because of the community and the fine arts club,” said Logan.

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