VIDEO: Bryant Hopeful for Forestry, Despite Budget Cuts

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI News) – For the first time since budget cuts were made to the Mississippi Forestry Commission in late May, Governor Phil Bryant has met with the forestry community.

$2.6 million will be cut from the M.F.C., as well as the loss of 75 jobs.

The seven districts that make up the M.F.C. will be turned into four larger districts.

Forestry is a vital part to Mississippi’s economy, accounting for almost $13 billion dollars each year.

Despite these cuts, Bryant is still confident that M.F.C. will be able to continue with the same efficiency.

“We’ll get back in the woods; we’ll continue our harvesting. We have some amazing saw mills, plywood plants, that are here in Mississippi. Not only getting the trees out of the woods but that value add and processing and export is what we’re looking at just now,” said Bryant.

The process of the district reorganization is to begin on July 1st.

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