VIDEO: Calhoun County Fair Brings Fresh Produce


The rain was coming down in sheets. But it didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the fairgoers in Calhoun County. For the first time ever, the fair features a farmers market concept where local growers can bring their produce to sell.

“And the benefits to that is you get fresh and the other thing that is good is that money that goes into a farmers market stays in your community, in your county. And that’s really benficial especially to rural type counties and areas.” said local farmer.

“Nine times out of ten there’s not as many parasites on a small garden versus a large agricultural spread. So the smaller gardens that are exhibited on the farmers market are usual not had the chemicals sprayed that a lot of the bigger operations have to do.”

Satrina Massey is from Bruce and brought home grown eggs and chickens to sell.

“I think it’s a good idea incorporating our agricultural roots in this area to an event that brings a lot of visitors.” said Massey.

And Massie says usually they buy the chickens for the eggs.

“That’s usually what people do. They like to buy a pair, a hen and a rooster and then from there they get eggs. ” said Massey.

And she says these chickens produce better eggs because they’re raised naturally.

“They have lots of space to live to eat grass and bugs so it’s very clean living.” said Massey.

This is the 93rd year for the Calhoun County Fair, a milestone that they’re very proud of. And most counties don’t even hold fairs anymore.

“The county fair is kind of a dying event that’s gone by the wayside, kind of seems old fashioned but a lot of counties are bringing them back and bigger and better than ever. And that’s what we’re trying to do here at Calhoun County trying to give it that old timey feeling but also something for the young kids to come out and enjoy as well.”

And these young kids got the chance to compete in a pork chop cooking contest.

“It’s always a big hit for our 4H and FFA youth and around the community here they always get up early on Saturday morning and seem to be coming in and it’s really fun to watch them marinate those pork chops get their grill ready, get out there and see who’s got the best tasting pork chops.”

And Barnett says they never have a problem finding judges.

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