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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)-Students are camped out for the summer at Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine’s Wise Center in Starkville.  Campers ages 13 through 15 are eager to learn. Most of them became fascinated with animals early in life. Eva Pouncey of Arkansas has knows what she wanted to do, since she was only 2.

“My dog tore something in his leg and I was very sad That I couldn’t help him. Because when you are little you want to help everything pretty much. And I was sad that I couldn’t help him so I wanted to go into a career that I could help other animals and mine,” said Pouncey.

“Where they learn how to incubate a dog and they learn how to work the anesthesia machine and to look at ECGs, and do CPR, and draw blood, and wrap legs,” said Kristen Teague, Camp Coordinator.

“Cause there is so much I just want to be able to learn a lot and just help with whatever I can,” said Olivia Bolton, Camper.”

Nothing like hands on experience using the latest technology in veterinary medicine. For a few days, the teens are trained at the college level, on how to help our four footed friends.

“They’re going to be able to look over all the bones and see the different species difference as well as hearts and placated samples of lungs and they’ll look at joints and pretty much all the different parts dissected out for them so they can see how everything works,” said Teague.

“For the tremendous camp where the waiting list is growing, coordinators are hoping to expand to accommodate the hundreds of youth choosing that profession.

“I want to do like the small house animals and then I also want to do the bigger farm animals like horses and cows and all of them,” added Pouncey.

“I just love this camp because you get to learn a lot and you meet a whole bunch of new friends,” added Bolton.

The Vet camp is in it’s third year and the youth are participating in overnight as well as day classes. A second camp session begins June 13th and runs through June 15th.

Call Karen Templeton at 662-325-1100 for best times or email ktempleton@cvm.msstate.edu.



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