Video: Chandler Furniture Closing Shop

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Okolona, Miss. (WCB) — For half a century an Okolona business has been a part of the city’s landscape. Now owners of the family business who don’t like using the word quits… are closing their doors.

Scattered along Highway 145 in Okolona are signs telling everyone passing by, a Church Street business is closing it’s doors to the public. From what Walter Chandler is telling WCBI, success over the 64 year period has been due to hard work and the ability to plan well each day.

“Immediate plans, plans for the future. And execute those plans. I’ve done that continually,” said Walter Chandler, Chandler Furniture.

The bottom line for retail businesses like Chandler is making a profit, Chandler’s motto… not before people. One Demopolis couple picking up pieces of furniture one day in 1987 had to make a hard decision one day between two sets of home furnishings. Terry Temple and his wife Linda returned to the store 27 years later.

“And she was trying to decide between the two. And he put his hand on one of them and he said, Mrs temple this is the best for your money,” said Terry Temple, Demopolis, Alabama.

“And its really nice and its held up wonderfully. We still have every piece that we’ve had and still looks as good as it did the day we bought it,” said Linda Temple.

Good business practices has apparently pushed the family business to the for front.

“Well I’ve been fair to people been good to people. Been a good citizen of my town. Received an award a few years back,” said Walter Chandler.

“They hate to see him go. They understand though he is 87. He can’t keep doing this forever But he has a connection with everyone that comes in through here just about. All of his clientele,” said Mike Mann, Furniture Promoter.

“I Think I should have a year or two before I leave this world when I don’t work,” said Chandler.

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