Video: Changes Looming For GED Exam

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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- Time’s running out for those who haven’t completed portions of their GED.

Starting next year, big changes are in store for the test.

Monica Dailey, 22, is working hard at Greater Columbus Learning Center. She’s striving for her GED before next year’s changes go into effect.

“The fact of knowing that it’s on the computer, that’s the part that’s kind of hard. You have people here who don’t know how to use a computer so, they’ll have to start all over again and learn how to adjust so they can take the test,” said Dailey.

Starting January 2014, all GED testing will be electronic. In addition, anyone who has not completed the 5 separate test will have to start over.

“Those that are lacking one content area, if they don’t take that one content area, come January 2014, they’ll be required to take the entire test over. The cost is now $75. $15 per content area and there’s 5 content areas. But if you don’t get in here and take it by December 31st, that $75 is going to go up to $120,” said LaRonda Gathings, Chief GED Examiner for EMCC.

EMCC and Greater Columbus Learning Center are just one of several places helping students prepare for the exam and changes.

“We have classes from 8am-12pm, 1pm-5pm and 5pm to 8pm. We’re going to be offering our students the preparation to get those skills necessary in order to do their GED on their computer so no need to get discouraged, said Darren Jordan, Director of Greater Columbus Learning Center.

Monica’s ambitious and she’s confident she’ll pass her exam this year. She wants others to have the same mindset, despite the changes looming ahead.

“Before you know it, 5 years will pass by and you’ll still be in the same boat you were in 5 years ago. So just whatever you put your mind to, just do it,” said Dailey.

Next year’s test will also have a college-career readiness portion, ensuring students that receive their GED adjust well, long after the exam is over.


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