Video: Chickasaw County Woman Shot Dead by Family Member

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CHICKASAW COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – A family dispute in Chickasaw County has left one woman dead and her nephew in custody facing murder charges.

Neighbors say it was just another Monday afternoon when they suddenly heard shots being fired. They had no idea that across the highway, a family argument had turned deadly.

“I was sitting in the house, my wife and I, and we heard some pistol shots,” says James Bivens, who lives just across Highway 41 where the shooting incident occurred.

Fifty-three year old Lisa McCamey was shot and killed at a family member’s home Monday afternoon. Jhermie McCamey, Lisa’s 44 year-old nephew, has been arrested and charged with her murder. Bivens has lived on Highway 41 just north of Okolona for only a year but says hearing gun shots isn’t unusual.

“We thought it was our neighbor shooting birds or squirrels or something and we didn’t get up and investigate,” says Bivens.

Bivens soon heard sirens and discovered that his neighbor and former co-worker, Lisa McCamey had been shot multiple times.

“Our investigators went to the scene and when they got to the scene, they found a female that was deceased laying on the front porch of the house suffering from gun shot wounds,” says James Meyers, Chief Deputy with Chickasaw County Sheriff’s Department.

Witnesses told the Chickasaw County Sheriff’s Department that Jeremy McCamey, was the shooter. They also reported hearing Jhermie make threats of violence against officers if they tried to arrest him.

“We located him approximately an hour later at a residence outside of Okolona and talked to him on his cell phone and convinced him to come out and give himself up,” says Meyers.

Bivens says he hadn’t seen Lisa McCamey in years but he couldn’t believe a family argument would lead to such a tragedy.

When asked what he thought about the shooting incident, Bivens said, “It’s bad. That’s all I can tell you.”

Family members say the feud had been on-going for two to three days before the shooting.

Jhermie McCamey is being held in the Chickasaw County Jail and the shooting is still under investigation.

This is also the first homicide in Chickasaw County this year. The last death occurred in August 2013.

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