Video: Child Tragedies

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LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Over the last week, two children under the age of three have died in tragic accidents in Winston County.

While these deaths are devastating for the families and the community, it’s a saddening part of the job for emergency workers.

“Probably the most difficult call is to run the death of a child when you have a child that’s the same age, same body stature, the same smile at home,” says EMA Director Buddy King.

Buddy King is like many emergency responders; he must set aside his emotions to save lives.

But when working in small towns like Louisville, tragedies often hit very close to home.

“It is very hard to look past the emotions that you are feeling and help the families that are in need at the time,” says Winston County Sheriff Jason Pugh.

The actions and preparations that emergency responders take everyday to protect the public can wear on their emotions.

“We call it burn out. When they can’t necessarily function in their job because of what they’re thinking, how they’re feeling, what they’ve been through, so we try to make sure that there’s outlets for that,” said Chief Terry Johnson of the Louisville Fire Department.

While some pursue professional advice, others rely on a steady support system – spouses, friends, and members of the clergy.

Intricate roles in emotional support, using love and understanding to help these heroes face another day.

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