Video: Choctaw County Roads

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CHOCTAW COUNTY, Miss.(WCBI)–Its an all too common problem facing most of not all county supervisors in North Mississippi. Repairing roads in their districts on a shoestring budget.

There are some unhappy people living in the rural area of Choctaw County.

The group of about 20 citizens living on Spay and Fentress-Panhandle Road are expressing concern because of what they consider neglect and deteriorating conditions and poor road upkeep.

“This girl told me last night she wasn’t coming back out on this road no more because it was so bad it was tearing her car all to pieces. I said my God I said you ought not feel that way because I said we’ve traveled them all our life,” said Betty Sisson/Choctaw County.

We’ve had issues on the road for years. Its not the supervisors problem totally thats here, its been supervisors before him that has neglected the roads,” said Hank Dempsey/Choctaw County.

From what supervisors are telling us, there has been wise use of available funds to repair roads.

Current Supervisor David Carter leaves office next month and his replacement is facing a challenge.

“We’ve got roads thats partially paved and we’ve got dirt roads pavement dirt roads. And you can see that the dirt roads that was left is in 10 times better shape than the pavement because the pavement is inadequate,” said Hank Dempsey.

There is no denying the fact that some roads in Choctaw County are needing additional attention, however it looks like an old problem will continue, and a new board taking office in the future will have to address the old problem.

“When we vote a supervisor in our sole purpose for voting that man in is to fix our roads and you know we don’t get our roads fixed anymore,” said Hank Dempsey.

In the Spay Road/Fentress-Panhandle Community, there are a total of 125 miles of road to be maintained on what supervisors say is a limited budget.

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