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NESHOBA COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)- Tea Party members certainly made their presence known at the Neshoba County Fair.

Several Chris McDaniel supporters had tape over their mouths, holding ” Betrayed: Remember Mississippi Signs.”

They also spoke about the primary race they believe was stolen from McDaniel.

“A lot of people are saying you know what, Cochran won. It’s time to just get unified and come together at this point and worry about November. What’s your response to that?” I asked.

“You know, the ball’s in their court. 184,000 voters have been alienated by their own party. We feel betrayed. We feel like battered wives whose husband says ‘Come on back home baby.’ And that’s not okay,” said McDaniel supporter Grant Sowell.

“Do you think there will ever be unification in the Republican Party between McDaniel and Cochran supporters?” I asked.

“Sometimes things have to come to a head. And these are one of those situations. It had to come to a head,” said Sowell.

“I think once we get a really fair election, then we’ll get to unify and move on,” said McDaniel supporter Renee Hood.

Speaker of the House Phillip Gunn says the GOP and Tea Party should work together and find unity.

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  • Mike

    I was there and find it particularly offensive that you chose to ignore the hundreds of Cochran supporters but instead featured the meager handful of McDaniel supporters. The true rally was the Senator and the class and leadership he displayed.

  • Jeffrey Wimmer

    The fact you’re OFFENDED demonstrates the real problem. The arrogance of the GOP Establishment. The fact a sitting senator had to resort to RACE BAITING ads to win is offensive to the MAJORITY of Republicans in this state. There will be NO GROUP HUG to get over this, no matter how much Speaker Gunn and the Cochranites want there to be. Not gonna happen.

  • john herrington

    and you don’t find it offensive that 40,000 democrats voted for Cochran and he only won by 7,600 votes? If your a conservative which I doubt very seriously, that should tell you Mcdaniel won the republican vote by a land slide.

  • chaz reid

    Picture of McDaniel demonstration could have been by means of a selfie because it was so small and subdued. There was an overwhelming crowd supporting Senator Cochran.

  • Ed

    Mike, you speak of Thad Cochran, class, and leadership in the same sentance…..you got to be kidding. He is a big part of the problem in Washington, he’s been there way tooooooo long. The ONLY thing he’s worried about is his own butt and how many handouts he can get, or how many buildings he can get his name on. Tell me 5 things he’s done for Miss. over the past 10 years…….go on….oh well give me 3…..

    What a joke…..

  • Brian G

    You Tea Party folks sure like using the race card a lot. So Thad Cochran got some of the African American. Oh my God, how dare those African Americans vote Republican. How dare they even think of being a Republican. This article obviously was an attempt to beef up the meager support that McDaniel has. That crowd was for Cochran. There may have been a handful of McDaniel plants trying to get news coverage. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was his own staff and family.

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