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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – To many, Christmas just isn’t Christmas without putting up a real Christmas tree.

While some are waiting, many are already in the market for a traditional tree.

When it comes to Christmas tree selection, its totally up to you.

Many are opting for a reusable tree that can be tucked away and pulled out every year.

In the past, evergreen was your only choice, these days can come in all the colors of the rainbow.

“They are called tinsel trees and they are in some pretty wild and outlandish colors. We are into from lime green, purple, red, black, we even have a mardi gras tree there thats done in purple, gold, green, and red,” said Peter Franco, Starkville.

Between 2001 and 2007 the number of artificial tree sales in the US jumped from 7 point three million to seventeen point four million.

“Well, artificial trees are getting more popular, I think, you know and specially with the LED lights. Thats the new craze,” said Franco.

If you do put up an artificial tree and want the smell of an evergreen….you can have just that.

You can have a big tree….or one that so skinny it looks like it may have been on a diet.

Even sports fans are not left out.

There is a Mississippi State University Christmas tree.

“Its done in maroon and white branches. With a host of different MSU oriented ornaments. Footballs, basket balls, softballs. Baseball caps. Oh yeah,” said Franco.

So remember, when putting up your tree this Christmas holiday, the sky is the limit….and the colors are too.

Be sure to place your tree clear of doors.

Choose a spot away from heat sources, such as TVs, fireplaces, and radiators.

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